Pepe Frutos Revuelta


Madrid, 1973. Expertise Engineer level 7 EQF (3 MECES). Master in Industrial Design. Extensive experience in project management and special emphasis on negotiation and mediation. Process reengineering specialist.

Ángel Luis Cruz Calderón


Madrid, 1973. Expertise Engineer level 7 EQF (3 MECES). Master in Industrial Design. Engineering Director with Extensive experience in calculating Electrical, PCI and Thermal installations. Group work capacity, personnel coordination, responsibility and decision making. Used to work for objectives.

Who we are?

We are Engineers. A multidisciplinary team that is capable of offering the most complete service, in the field of Detail Engineering, from the specialization achieved over the years.

Founded in 2001, Cim Ingenieros was the parent company of what is currently Grupo CIM, a blend of technicians (Engineers, Architects, Surveyors and Draftsmen) in continuous training and technical vocation, that is positioned in the consulting and project management market to fill a gap in expertise that existed in facility design and calculation consulting.

We adapt to the market, to our clients.

We apply BIM methodology ®in case they require it.

What do we offer to our client?

Ventajas Ingenieria


20 years in the Construction, licenses and Operation market. All our human and technical capital fully aligned with the expectations of our clients.

Ventajas Consultoria

Follow-up from start to finishn

Advisory commitment in the three phases: pre-study, execution and final control in the reception of the works. Job guarantee.

Ventajas Ingenieria

Problem Solving

They always arise. We face them, we solve them. Always looking for the least impact, whatever the level in which they arise. That is why it is very important to always complete planning of the execution of the works, to try to anticipate them.

Ventajas Consultoria

Continuous Improvement

We attach special importance to the relationship with our clients beyond the completion and delivery of our work. Confidence in our performance and in our procedures is a hallmark and differentiating value of Grupo CIM. More than 3000 projects support us.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • We support the environmental pact.
  • 0 Print commitment. Non tinta ecoeficiente. or papel ecoeficiente
  • Agreement with ECOEMBESfor the treatment of waste.
  • Reduction in the consumption of services at our headquarters through efficient facilities.
  • ECO-EFFICIENCYStudy of the life cycle in our projects and executions.